Protective Orders And Family Violence

Dallas Attorney Handling Orders of Protection and Family Violence

It is an unfortunate fact that family and dating violence is a major problem in society today, and that beginning any sort of family law proceeding can cause a potentially violent person to seek to harm their spouse or domestic partner. In situations like this Texas law allows the victim to seek a protective order from the courts. Protective orders can be issued in cases of both family and dating violence when a person:

  • Commits any act that was intended to cause physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or sexual assault; or
  • Makes a threat that reasonably places a person in fear of physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or sexual assault.

How Can A Protective Order Help?

Protective orders can require an abuser to do a variety of things, and allows the police and court system a great deal more power in dealing with them if they violate the order. Some examples of things a protective order can require include:

  • Prevent acts of family or dating violence, and acts that are reasonably likely to annoy, harass, alarm, torment, or embarrass you.
  • Prevent all communication, or communication made in a threatening or harassing manner.
  • Prevent them from coming to your home or work.
  • Prevent them from coming to schools or day care facilities attended by household members.
  • Prevent them from removing your child from the Court’s jurisdiction.
  • Prevent them from removing pets or assistance animals from your possession.
  • Prevent them from harming or threatening to harm your pets or assistance animals.
  • Prevent them from transferring or disposing of any property that you own or lease together.
  • Require they allow you visitation with your child or children.
  • Require they complete counseling or a family violence intervention program.
  • Require they turn over any firearms in their possession to law enforcement.
  • Perform any other acts that the Court deems necessary to prevent or reduce the chance of them committing any additional acts of family or dating violence.

In addition, there are some circumstances where the Court can remove the abuser from a home that they share with the party who is filing for the protective order. This option is available in cases where the person filing, owns or leases the home themselves or jointly with the abuser, or where the home is owned or leased by an abuser that has a legal obligation to support the filer or a child they have with the filer.

Dallas Protective Order And Family Violence Law Experts

If you are the victim of family or dating violence getting a protective order is the first step you should take to get yourself out of your situation. Not only will it make it easier for law enforcement to handle any calls you may need to make, it also puts your abuser in a serious legal situation if they violate the order. Please contact The Dallas Law Office of Udeshi Clark and Associates at (469) 914-5564 or online as soon as possible to discuss how you can begin getting past this difficult time in your life.