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A divorce decree is a legal decision by the courts that completely dissolves a marriage and sets out in a legally enforceable manner all aspects of how this will be accomplished. With the decision to dissolve a marriage comes huge changes, and it is natural for a person to feel both stressed and confused during this time. There are many complex legal issues that will have to be addressed, from the division of property to child custody matters. Our goal at the Law Offices of Udeshi Clark and Associates is to help you and your family through this trying time by learning about your situation, listening to your concerns, and helping you to make the decisions that will provide the best possible outcome for your future.

“Mr. Clark put myself and my entire family at ease during the painful process. He came highly recommended to me and now I in confidence would recommend Stephen Clark to anyone needing attorney services.


Divorces typically involve two main points of contention, minor children of the marriage, and the division of property. As with many other issues, resolving these two points in a detailed and well thought out manner at the beginning will eliminate many potential problems in the future. At the Dallas Family Law Offices of Udeshi Clark and Associates, the focal point of our family law practice is devoted to successfully resolving the issues that may present themselves during a divorce. We have extensive experience both in the courtroom and with settlement negotiations, not only with simple uncontested divorces, but also in cases that involve much more complex legal issues, including:

  • High Value Assets
  • Assets That Are Difficult to Divide Equitably
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Executive Compensation
  • Division of Stock Interests
  • Characterization
  • Family Owned Businesses
  • Business Valuations
  • Complex Retirement Accounts
  • Unclear Marital/Separate Property Issues
  • Complex Division of Debts
  • Deceptive Opposing Parties
  • High Profile Parties

The Law Offices of Udeshi Clark and Associates: Your Dallas Divorce Experts

Filing for a divorce in Texas does not have to be a drawn out and expensive process, nor does it have to end up destroying families and relationships. By adopting individualized strategies and thoroughly researching and planning for each clients’ specific needs, our legal team strives to reach a result that is both fair and amicable to everyone involved. However, if your spouse is not willing to be part of the solution, be assured that our expert legal team has the knowledge and experience to successfully fight to protect your rights and assets at trial in ways that are both innovative and effective, and to get the results you deserve. Speak with a representative today by telephone at (469) 914-5564 or online to discuss your options.