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The Dallas/Forth Worth metropolitan area is a hub of activity and commerce. While this means the area has plenty of job opportunities for individuals wanting a fresh start or to take their careers to the next level, it also means that driving to and from those opportunities will require you to share the roads and highways with 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and other large commercial vehicles. Even if you abide by the rules of the road, however, a truck crash can nonetheless occur if the driver of one of these vehicles fails to exercise the same care that you do.

Udeshi Clark and Associates wants to assist you in obtaining the monetary compensation you need to begin putting your life back together following a truck-related crash in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Call our offices today and enlist our experience and resources in your quest for justice.

Causes of Trucking Crashes in Texas

Many of the same behaviors and careless decisions that lead to motor vehicle crashes in general are to blame for truck-related crashes. A trucking accident can be caused by either the driver of the commercial truck or the driver of the other vehicle that collided with the truck. In either case, the occupants of any passenger car, motorcycle, or other smaller vehicle are most at risk of suffering severe, disabling, or even fatal injuries.

Truck drivers may be found responsible for causing a crash if a wreck results because the truck driver:

  • Fell asleep at the wheel or was driving at a time when regulations dictated that his or her truck should have been out of service;
  • Was using his or her radio, television, cellphone, or some other device and was distracted from the road;
  • Was under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and/or over-the-counter medication;
  • Drove aggressively and/or ignored traffic signs, signals, and/or other rules of the road; and/or
  • Engaged in other careless or reckless behavior.

Even if you believe you may have made a mistake or otherwise played a role in your injury accident, do not delay in seeking an evaluation of your case from Udeshi Clark and Associates. We fight hard for our truck crash clients in Dallas and Fort Worth, and we may be able to nonetheless obtain compensation on your behalf.

Why You Must Act Quickly Following a Dallas/Fort Worth Truck Crash

The statute of limitations in Texas for truck accident victims is short – only two years – so when you or your loved one have been involved in such a crash you must be prepared to take prompt action. This begins by contacting the perosnal injury lawyers at Udeshi Clark and Associates as soon as you are able to do so. We will guide you through each step of the legal recovery process and help ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Call us at (469) 906-2266 or reach out to us online for help.