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The elevator is an invention with ancient roots: it is believed that Greek inventor Archimedes first thought of and built an elevator in approximately 236 B.C. This invention has become more refined and powerful over the centuries since its introduction, and is a necessity for moving cargo and people to the top floors of downtown Dallas skyscrapers. Although the power source and sophistication of these devices has changed (the first elevators were powered by animals or humans), the dangers that malfunctioning elevators present to humans remain.

Have you or a loved one been hurt in an elevator accident? You may have legal rights, including the right to pursue a claim for compensation for your injuries and expenses. Contact Udeshi Clark and Associates as soon as possible to learn more about your rights and how to assert them.

Causes of Elevator Injuries and Accidents in Dallas and Fort Worth

An elevator accident that results in injury to you or your loved one is rarely an “accident” – instead, many times an elevator crash or incident comes about because one or more individuals did not give appropriate care or concern to the installation, operation, and/or maintenance of the elevator. For example, an elevator crash caused by these or other circumstances may result in your ability to recover compensation:

  • Installation of an elevator that is defective or not properly certified;
  • A property owner who fails to have his or her elevator inspected by local authorities on a regular basis;
  • The owner of a building who does not have his or her building’s elevator serviced by an appropriately trained company or individual;
  • Failing to promptly schedule repairs after learning that the elevator may not be functioning properly; and/or
  • Failing to take the elevator out of service and/or warn others about the elevator with appropriate signage when the elevator is malfunctioning.

Investigating what led to your elevator-related injury requires the resources and knowledge of an experienced and resourceful elevator injury law firm such as Udeshi Clark and Associates. Once you retain our services, we will work quickly to get to the bottom of whose negligence or carelessness led to your injury accident. Our firm will devote our resources and skills to helping you succeed in your elevator injury lawsuit. Reach out to us today.

Your Dallas Elevator Injury Accident Lawyer is Ready to Assist You

Texas law grants you and other personal injury victims two years from the date of your elevator mishap within which to file your suit and seek compensation, so it is imperative that you take swift action after your elevator injury accident. Failing to do so can lead to an inability to recover any compensation at all.

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