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According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2016 a total of 265,076 individuals were injured in motor vehicle crashes throughout the state. Given that the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area is home to over seven million individuals, it should come as no surprise that a great number of these crashes occurred on the roadways and highways that surround and service the city. The Texas Department of Transportation further reports that 2016 statistics reveal:

  • A fatality occurred somewhere in Texas every 20 minutes;
  • An injury occurred about every two minutes in Texas;
  • A crash of any type occurred once every minute in Texas.

It may be that it is not a question of “if” you or your loved one will be injured in a Dallas/Fort Worth accident, but rather a question of “when.” When you do find yourself in this awful predicament, remember that Udeshi Clark and Associates is ready to jump into action on your behalf and help you obtain compensation for your injuries and losses.

What Compensation is Available for Injured Dallas/Fort Worth Motorists?

A car wreck can easily saddle you and your family with hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in medical costs, lost wages, lost future earnings, and other similar expenses, even if you or your loved one did not cause the crash. Through a car wreck lawsuit, however, you may be able to recover financial compensation for these and other economic and noneconomic losses that are attributable to the careless actions and behavior of the at-fault driver. (Noneconomic damages would include mental pain, anguish, and suffering.)

What Should I Do Following a Dallas/Fort Worth Car Wreck?

If you find yourself injured in a car wreck (regardless of who is at fault), summon emergency medical assistance to your location if you suspect you may have suffered a head, neck, and/or spine injury, if you lost consciousness for any period of time, or if you are injured but are unsure as to the severity of your injuries. If you do not summon emergency medical help, be sure to visit your doctor or the local emergency room as soon as possible so that your injuries can be evaluated and treated.

As soon as you are able to do so, contact an experienced and dedicated car crash law firm like Udeshi Clark and Associates for further assistance and representation. Our knowledgeable legal team has years of experience in helping Dallas/Fort Worth residents like yourself who have been hurt because another driver failed to behave or drive appropriately under the circumstances. We will help you understand your legal rights and take action to hold the person responsible for causing you harm accountable for his or her actions. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin work on your case and the quicker you may be able to obtain compensation. Call Udeshi Clark and Associates today at (469) 906-2266, or contact us online.