Child Support

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Arranging an equitable child support order often can be one of the most difficult matters involved in a divorce proceedings, but it is also one of the most important. Receiving timely child support payments will ensure that a parent in Texas will have the financial ability to guarantee the wellbeing of their greatest responsibility: their children.

Generally, child support orders can be requested by either parent if the couple is no longer living together. Additionally a third party custodian (like another family member) who has the legal guardianship of the child can petition the Court for a child support order to be entered against one or both of the child’s parents. Alternatively, if one or both of the parents are enrolled in a public assistance program while the parents are not married and living together the County Attorney’s Office of their county of residence will typically start a child support case itself to determine if the noncustodial parent should be required to pay child support.

Child Support Orders in Dallas Texas

Of all the matters that will be finalized during your divorce, child support orders often have the most far-reaching effects. Child support payments in Texas last until the child reaches the age of 18 years old by default, however the Court can extend them until a child graduates from high school if the child is enrolled and keeping up regular attendance. Additionally, child support payments can be extended indefinitely if the child is physically or mentally disabled. Under certain circumstances, however, the Court can order that child support end before the age of 18, such as if a child gets married, enlists in the military, or becomes legally emancipated.

So, depending on when the child was born a birth parent can potentially end up being liable for child support payments for nearly two decades. Because of the lengths of time and the amounts of money that can end up being involved over the course of a child support order it is in the best interests of every party involved in the matter to retain an experienced family law attorney to represent them during these proceedings: it is much easier to work out mutually acceptable terms the first time than it is to petition the court to change the terms of a child support order at a later date.

Calculating Child Support Amounts in Dallas Texas

Texas uses a “Net Income” approach when calculating the amount of child support that a Court will order. This is a two-step process. First the court will calculate a parent’s net income by subtracting social security taxes, Federal income tax, union dues, and any health insurance or medical expenses the parent pays for the children to get the person’s net income. This net income figure, up to $8,550.00, is then multiplied by a statutory percentage ranging from 20% - 40% depending on the number of children involved to determine what the monthly child support payment will be. If the parent has a net income of greater than $8,550.00 a month the Court can order additional support if it is deemed warranted, up to “the proven needs of the child”.

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