Dallas, Texas Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

When most people think of divorce, they think of a long, drawn-out process in which the two parties cannot agree on anything from how to divide the assets to who is to blame for the dissolution of the marriage. However, every once in a while, a separating couple comes to our Dallas, Texas divorce attorneys with all or most of the terms of divorce agreed upon up front. There are other instances in which one party is held in default, and so does not participate in the divorce process. Both of these scenarios are examples of an uncontested divorce, the likes of which are relatively quick to resolve.

Filing an Uncontested Divorce on Your Own

Because uncontested divorces are relatively easy to deal with emotionally, many individuals opt to file and proceed on their own, without representation. If you are going through an uncontested divorce in the Dallas, Texas area, we urge you to reconsider, as you will still need to fill out a good deal of paperwork, file a motion with the courts, and appear before a judge. It can be easy to make a mistake when you are not fluent in Texas divorce law, and in divorce, even the smallest of mistakes can mean the difference between selling your house and splitting the profits with your ex-spouse, or granting him or her all rights to the house. Furthermore, there are many instances in which a mistake is made, but neither party realizes that a mistake was made until the issue comes up in court months or even years later.

If you still want to proceed without a divorce attorney, there are several steps you need to take, including filling out and filing a Petition of Divorce, setting a court date, drafting and finalizing the final divorce decree with your spouse, and appearing before a judge. While this may seem relatively simple, in actuality, it involves a lot of back-and-forth, a lot of getting individuals to sign documents and filing documents, and an ability to negotiate adeptly when issues do arise – because even in uncontested divorces, issues do arise.

Hire a Dallas, Texas Divorce Attorney to Help With Negotiations

Even in an uncontested divorce, issues can arise throughout the process that neither party gave much thought to before. These issues can cause a great deal of stress both during and after the divorce. With the help of a Dallas, Texas divorce attorney however, you can eliminate any potential issues at the very beginning of the divorce process. Our divorce lawyers can help you and your spouse negotiate the terms of divorce, respond to petitions or motions received by the other party, or communicate and/or negotiate in instances where the other party does not agree. Last but not least, we can draft the divorce order for you so that it has no mistakes, and so that you both walk away happy with the final outcome.

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