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When a client needs legal representation they want the best. And in Collin County and the Dallas metroplex that means you want the Dallas Law Offices of Udeshi Clark and Associates. Prominent young family law attorneys who have worked with a number of high profile firms prior to starting their own practice, Udeshi Clark and Associates combines extensive trial, mediation, hearing, and settlement experience with the work ethic, flexibility, and efficiency that is often hard to find in more traditionally established legal practices. At Udeshi Clark and Associates the goal of our experienced legal team is to provide outstanding legal services at competitive prices. Our compassionate team of experienced legal professionals will give you the attention and personalized care necessary to ease this difficult time in your life.

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Personal Injury

Just as you should see a doctor to address the physical harm you suffered in your injury, you should speak with Udeshi Clark and Associates about your legal rights and what compensation you may be entitled to pursue through a personal injury lawsuit.
There are a myriad of ways and circumstances in which you may find yourself injured. For this reason, you want representation from a law firm that is resourceful, flexible, and knows how to apply the relevant laws to your unique situation. Udeshi Clark and Associates is that law firm: our legal team knows the steps to take to maximize your chance for recovery no matter how you were hurt.

Family Law

At Udeshi Clark and Associates we understand that nothing is more important than your family. Every legal situation is different, and by tailoring our approach to your specific situation and needs our team is able to reach positive outcomes in all aspects of the law. Whether you need to file for a divorce in Dallas, have child support issues, want a modification of a prior court order, personal injury claim or criminal law issue, Udeshi Clark and Associates can get you the results you need.


One specialty of our family law practice at Udeshi Clark and Associates is handling divorce issues. Divorce is often an adversarial and extremely stressful time in peoples’ lives, but it does not have to be. By being readily available for our clients we strive to provide a hands-on approach that will assist them in making the right decisions for their families and be as rapid and cost effective as possible for all parties involved.

Our legal team also has extensive experience in handling complex and high net worth divorces, including proceedings that involve executive compensation, division of stock interests and high value property, characterization, and resolving issues involving the ownership of business entities. Whether your need assistance with a simple uncontested divorce, or an adversarial proceeding involving complex high dollar assets, Udeshi Clark and Associates will help you protect your estate during this difficult time in your life.

Other Practice Areas

In addition to our core practice areas, our experienced legal team has reached successful outcomes for clients in a number of other civil matters, including guardianships, adult name changes, adult adoption proceedings, and drafting simple wills and related estate documentation.

  • Personal Injury
  • Car/Auto Accidents
  • Truck/18 Wheeler Accidents
  • Elevator Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • DWI
  • Drug Crimes
  • Assault
  • Family Violence Charges
  • Probation Revocation
  • Felonies
  • Bond Reduction
  • Family Felony Criminal Charges
  • Juvenille Criminal Proceedings
  • Sexual Abuse Allegations
  • Other Civil Matters

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No matter what your legal representation needs are you want to be assured that the best possible attorney is handling your matter. Contact the Dallas Law Offices of Udeshi Clark and Associates today, by telephone at (469) 906-2266 or online today to find out why we are the best choice for your legal needs.

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